We are all in the throes of life. Trying in jest to make sense of the rapture of it all. It will surely happen regardless of our acknowledgement. The brutal, beautiful, fantastic orgy of energy cycling through forever will always exist. It is a blessing that we are given the capacity to comprehend this majesty. To sensually perceive it in its entirety. I hope to exhaust the possibilities of life. To love with such fury that the tires fall off and the engine of my guts bursts into flames. Life deserves it - If we are to deserve life.

Book List: Valentin Stip

Most Influential: Martin Heidegger Being and Time

What I Am Reading Now: James Joyce Ulysses

Road Wisdom: Lao Tzu Tao Te Ching

I have been keeping this one in my bag with me everywhere for the past two months. Every time I feel lost, I find comfort and peace of mind in this beautiful companion. To read with a grain of salt though … extremism of any form is deadly.

Heavily Recommended: Marcel Proust In Search of Lost Time [À la recherche du temps perdu] Volume I - Swann’s Way [Du côté de chez Swann] 

Personal Bible: Maurice Merleau-Ponty The Visible And The Invisible

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Life makes you tighten your grip, then you have these periods, certain pivotal points in your life and eternity’s like: alright man, are you ready to loosen up? Eternity makes you tighten up, and the cosmos force you to question that and see how much you’re willing to let go. If people continue to let go I think there’s something fulfilling about that. I just have to let go more, even though I resist it.

Work is how I identify myself. It’s how and where I find myself. It’s how I get through time. I don’t enjoy life. I do life. I am an Americanist. Every moment I am alive is because I have not been murdered by the America … The tasks I set out for myself are what I do to beat the perfect pointlessness of life.

At that point having nothing to loose became liberating because I entered a place where I wasn’t stagnated by social fear. I got on this kick where I started approaching life like I’d approached getting drugs. The drugs are good in a way that they teach you how to hustle and take risks without fear of consequences. I channeled that energy into pursuing my healthier interests.

If there’s going to be a war the whole nation should stand by it and the rich should fight alongside the poor. If we believe something is worth fighting for we should all fight together. If the rich were fighting alongside the poor we’d be choosing a lot fewer situations to fight in. If politicians’ sons and daughters were on the battlefields along with everybody else then those politicians are going to make the decision to go to war a lot more dire a situation than they have in the past. The problem is that war has just been an incredible way of making money. War benefits those who start them and has few negative effects for them. This needs to change.

Everybody wants to touch this art dream. It’s complicated because today you have so many people who are going to say yeah, but I’m a director. Director of what? Whatever you did, what are your ideas? Do something, you know? Don’t talk, just do. And it’s the thing about our generation is that everyone wants to have those cool sides like image, concept, culture, references … I think our generation is pretending a lot. Pretending and just having the references is not enough. You have to do.